Cobble Wood & Bird Sanctuary Guesthouses Interior
Tranquility and privacy are yours at Cobble Wood and Bird Sanctuary Guest House.

"Best place we got on Vancouver Island! Our apartment was almost brand new, with a lot of design in the interior. 100% clean and a friendly, helpful caretaker. Quiet, pleasant an green surroundings. It is 5 minutes to the beach and to the center of Tofino, so that's perfect. Lots of wonderful things to do in Tofino by the way: saw bears, whales, seals, sea-lions an bald eagles. Beautiful beaches and rainforest."
- Westland

"We had sleuthed out possibilities in tofino and narrowed it down to a couple. After talking with beata it was confirmed that this was perfect spot. It's walkable from the beach (which is a perk) has kitchen, option of BBQ, lounge chairs around a firepit, EXCELLENT service by beata, her husband michael, and owners. Would return on next trip for sure and recommend it totally."
- Canada

"This was actually my second time at Cobble Wood. I found the place through the internet and stayed for the first time in February with my wife and my two children (10 and 8). I visited again in May with my son and my mother (who had come visiting from Europe) Both times I could not have been pleased more. The caretakers are outstanding, and make you very welcome. I stayed both times in the Golden Dawn Suite, which is very spacious and perfectly suited to meet the needs of a small family. The entire premises are kept very clean, and everything is in very good working order. I am sure the same applies to the other suites as well."
- Vancouver BC